Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures of April..

What a month. It has to be the busiest month of my life! Baby girls birhtday, husbands birthday, and 2 daycare kids leave. One kid gets admitted to the hospital for heart problems and come to find out he has heart failure. Let up a little April! So excited about all the new crafts I have made and new things I have learned! Will share soon, just let me catch my breathe. Tooooooooooooo much going on to share at this current moment.

Cassi <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

O M G I accpmplished it!

Okay, so I accomplished something BIG! I finally figured out how to make a pettiskirt! I bought some leopard print type tuelle material and just hacked at it for 3 whole nights! I finally played, and played with it and it all clicked last night! After many failed attempts and money wasted on 3 patterns. I figured it out all my own! All I needed to do was go look at one up close. I finally got that opportunity and I love it! So I will put the finishing touches on it tonight and post pictures up ASAP!

Lots of fun things going on, lots of craftiness, and LOTS of loving on my babies! Amazed at how big they are!

God Bless,
Cassi <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mikenlee is 3!

My baby is three whole years old today:( Sadness! I remember her delivery like it was yesterday! She was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. She was my motivation to better myself and my situation! She makes me so happy! She is so smart, and sweet and always finding the positive in the negative! God couldn't have blessed me with a smarter or sweeter kid. Just kills me how fast time really does fly! Seeing her and my son change so much everyday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

March ending with a baby

So, I am an auntie.. again. March 30th, 2011 at 8:01 pm SOPHIA MARIE WELDON entered our world! I was so wrapped up in her and being around her I forgot all about my blog spot! She happens to be the cutest little girl born in the year 2011! She was a whopping 9lbs 1oz! Jette still holds the biggest grandbaby at 9lbs 5oz. So exciting being able to hold a brand new baby that is not my own and not have to worry about 3 am feedings and walk around without popping a staple:) Here is a pic of the beautiful baby girl!

I did accomplish a few things this week; even with the tiny but BIG distraction!

I attempted my first swaddler! Turned out way cute, I must say!

I also completed the cutest diaper cover! It turned out soooo cute! LOTS AND LOTS OF ANIMAL PRINTS!

Here it is!

Soon I will open up an online store! Filled with the stuff I have made and can make,,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Start of another week:)

So another week starts:) I am catiously optimistic about how it will end. I wanna start of by saying.. I LOVE MY JOB. I have the greatest daycare parents ever. All of them are very helpful, kind and RELIABLE! Which is very important! I absolutely love my daycare kiddos too! I have some of the cutest babies ever! Matthew-5 months
Caden- Days away from turning 2
Kooper- One month younger than Jette
I really couldn't ask for sweeter babies:)

Sunday I started on the cutest little outfit collection for my, HOPEFULLY sooonn, online craft business. I am working on all the onesie appliques now. I am a perfectionist so it may take longer than expected. It is all about trial and error! I am making a zebra onesie, with matching diaper cover and hairbow. I started thinking while making the onesies, how cute would it be if I added a pair of shoes to match the whole outfit? I am going to just work on the outfits first and then see where it goes from there. I am posting a picture of pair of a ruffle bum diaper cover, DEFINITELY NOT DONE! It still needs NO FRAY on it and adjust the stiching and etc... and ELaStIc! But I am having so much fun doing it!

I am thinking of a new applique idea "I think" I will like better.. but I will post more when I get around to making it.. but this is the start:) I am very happy with it thus far.

Here are a few of the items I have on hand, in various shapes, sizes and colors:)

a LOT of those are the first one's I have attempted-- specifically the shoe.. I am much better at it and have a brand new sewing machine.. which helps A LOT!! If you know a friend or you yourself are interested in me making you something.. let me know:) I LOVE doing it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This weeks madness..

Though it is much like talking to myself, I decided to post (SHELLY:) This weekend had an AMAZING start! Friday my day ended a little late. Last kiddo left at 6! So I shoved the kids into the Aspen, turned on the headrest monitors and started my way to Independence for Joann's. I had a coupon for 25% my entire purchase.. I haven't made my way to a craft store for MONTHS!! It has been killing me. I drove up there only to find they had soooommmeee ammmaaazzinnnggg sales! Buy one get one free, 30%-50% off lots, and of course their remnant bins were CHUCK FULL! Yes, it was an amazing Friday. Today, my mother-in-law agreed to watch the kiddos so the hubby and I could get out.. it has been AWHILE!!! For being so young, we feel pretty damn old. We haven't had a day to ourselves in months.. so we jumped on anytime we could to go to the city without screaming from the back seat! Went to Michael's bought some clearance ribbon, and then to hobby lobby and bought some more fabric:) Okay, so I am sure you picked up I have a problem.. I am a hoarder of fabric!! ADDICTED!!

Second part of our day was spent find our baby girl, Mikenlee, a perfect 3rd birthday gift! We ended up with a 12" training bike, a Disney Princess Magic Rise kitchen, and a baking set so she can help mommy in the kitchen:) This little girl is soooo AMAZING! I <3 my Mikenlee Maddison Mae Wardell!

The pictures above are edited by me! I got an AMAZING camera for Christmas and my husband got me photoshop:) This is the frugal way of doing the yearly pictures.. we are living on a budget. I made the party hat, the tu-tu, the shirts, and bows. This is what makes me happy; sewing for my little girl!